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Miss FreeOnes 2010 - 3rd place Starred in Eminem's video 'We Made You' from his album Relapse. Years active as performer: 1993 to 1997, and 2004 to present Year active as director: 2009

Brazzers Lisa Ann

Ep-3: The Queen Of Lust
Release date: 2010-10-29
Total views: 56363
Death To All But Brazzers!
Release date: 2010-10-12
Total views: 102323
You'll Never Get Anything Out of Me, Just My Asshole
Release date: 2010-09-30
Total views: 73157
Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's a Slut
Release date: 2010-09-10
Total views: 108134
You've Got The Touch
Release date: 2010-07-08
Total views: 79423
Fuck Stop Telephoning Me
Release date: 2010-06-14
Total views: 67518
The Return of Dr Loveless
Release date: 2010-05-06
Total views: 55677
Jogging Around The Cock
Release date: 2010-03-05
Total views: 33746
Naughty Lesbian Daughter
Release date: 2009-12-22
Total views: 72872
The Sandman
Release date: 2009-10-14
Total views: 35919
Soccer Moms Gone Wild!
Release date: 2009-09-04
Total views: 83383
Who wants to chill with Lisa Ann for a day?
Release date: 2009-01-12
Total views: 26368
Eyes Wide Slut
Release date: 2009-03-18
Total views: 22718
Paint My Pink Tits White
Release date: 2009-01-23
Total views: 33710
Milfland Security 2: The Drop-off
Release date: 2008-09-24
Total views: 32095
Pound Me Better Honey!!!
Release date: 2008-04-11
Total views: 34189
The Mayor Of Brazzerville
Release date: 2008-03-30
Total views: 14902
Convincing The Groom
Release date: 2008-03-12
Total views: 35548
Stress Reliever
Release date: 2008-01-31
Total views: 18935
Rough rider
Release date: 2007-10-09
Total views: 18901
The Pool Guy
Release date: 2007-08-24
Total views: 27652
Laying Pipe
Release date: 2007-08-08
Total views: 16204
Lisa Ann pounded hard
Release date: 2006-06-26
Total views: 26901
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
Release date: 2010-11-24
Total views: 64454
How I Became a Pornstar
Release date: 2011-01-17
Total views: 156141
Reservoir Sluts
Release date: 2011-03-21
Total views: 195698
Love Boobies Need Loving
Release date: 2011-04-13
Total views: 169228
60 Minutes... Of Anal!
Release date: 2011-05-13
Total views: 116480
Winner Winner, Sex during Dinner
Release date: 2011-06-06
Total views: 142737
Mom's Guide To Throwing A Party
Release date: 2011-07-15
Total views: 126794
Naked Therapy
Release date: 2011-08-04
Total views: 114068
Her Big Day... To Be Gay
Release date: 2011-09-13
Total views: 66091
Dangerous Minds With Dangerous Dicks
Release date: 2012-01-03
Total views: 67813
Top Hung
Release date: 2012-03-19
Total views: 62653
Wet Dream
Release date: 2012-11-02
Total views: 29253
Settling Out of Cunt
Release date: 2012-12-14
Total views: 31098
Release date: 2013-01-16
Total views: 38233
Fuck to the Top
Release date: 2013-03-18
Total views: 94180
ZZ Inside-Her
Release date: 2013-03-27
Total views: 79374


Model nameLisa Ann
Lisa Anne Corpora
ProfessionPorn Star
Date of birth1972-05-09
Career statusActive

Location information

Country of originUnited States
Province statePA - Pennsylvania
Place of birthEaston

Look details

Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBrown
Fake boobsYes